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Giant Snakeskin Found in Maine Belongs to an Anaconda

anaconda snake skin maine

Measuring over 12-feet long, the snakeskin found in Maine belongs not just to any snake, but an anaconda.

We covered the story of the large snakeskin found in Westbrook, Maine earlier this month. 'Wessie,' the large snake that had been spotted at the Riverbank Park, was believed to have shed its skin and is now being claimed to belong to an anaconda.

Westbrook Police Department Captain Sean Lally, who took the lead on the snake case for the department, said Dr. John Placyk, a herpetologist at the University of Texas at Tyler, has confirmed through DNA testing that the snakeskin belongs to an anaconda.

Placyk stated, "It's a 100 percent match for anaconda," after confirming through genetic testing. "If it's a green anaconda, you've got a snake that could potentially get to 20 feet long."

The story of Wessie began to grab national attention prior to the finding of this snake skin and made it's way to social media. Many locals have been out trying to get a glimpse of the snake while some are taking to social media believing it to be a hoax.

The only photos to surface yet of the mysterious snake have been much like the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot. All the images are distant, grainy, or without much evidence.

Although the snake skin is now confirmed to be that of an anaconda, it is still unsure if there is an actual snake in the area or if the skin was planted.

anaconda snakeskin maine
Westbrook Police Department

Although it has been said that the snake was seen eating a beaver within the Riverbank Park area, "Based on the skin, it's not large enough to kill a human," said Placyk. "If it's hanging out by that river, anyone who has houses in that area that has small pets wants to make sure they keep an eye on their small pets, and if they have children probably under the age of 2, I wouldn't leave them unattended."

The snake itself will remain in mystery, however the snakeskin's identity has officially been determined. Found predominately in the warm climate areas of South America, scientists claim if there is an anaconda in Maine, it's chances of survival through winter are extremely unlikely.

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Giant Snakeskin Found in Maine Belongs to an Anaconda