Proof That a Downed Turkey Can Still Inflict Major Pain

This video is a public safety announcement on what NOT to do after you shoot a turkey.

Turkey hunting, for the most part, is a one-sided affair. But in those rare cases, feisty thunder chickens (even after being fatally wounded) can fight back—and when they do, they are capable of bringing a whole lot of pain.

Just ask Ricky Foster. He has the deep gash to prove it.

Jeff Summer was recently filming for his show SimplyOutdoors TV. Along for the ride was Foster, and this would be his first time turkey hunting. As you're about to see, he harvested a nice bird. But it came with a cost—in the form of pain, blood loss, and ultimately stitches.

Here's the eye-opening footage:

Think that hurt? We'll answer that with a resounding YES! According to Summer, it was one-inch spurs that inflicted the damage.

Summer posted the following to Facebook in regards to the experience:

"After he shot, I told him to step on the head but he didn't hear me and that was the end result! All scars tell a story."

To which Foster replied:

"Lmfao it was an experience of a lifetime. My adrenaline was pumping so was the blood out of my hand! Thanks again Jeff Summer 1 he!! Of an experience!"

So what has this video taught us? First off, best to make sure your bird is dead. And if it's not, heed Summer's advice. Grabbing it while it flops is just asking for trouble. Foster will attest to that.

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