Famous Hunting Story

You Got to Hear the Most Famous Hunting Story of All Time

Not sure what is more impressive: the story itself or the fact that he had it memorized. If you follow the outdoor world, you are bound to love this clip.

Catchin' Deers busted onto the outdoor social media scene with some hilarious content, cracking jokes at people who ask if you have "caught any deer?" awhile back. With a laugh and easy go style, they have continued to keep people laughing and engaged.

And now they bring you the most epic and "Famous"  hunting story of all time. Let's see how long it takes you to catch on to what they are doing.

Nobody likes a name drop, right?

Where do we even begin... Nate Hosie, Taylor Drury, Michael Waddell, Harold Knight, Grant Woods, John Dudley, Tiffany Lakosky, Travis T-Bone, Troy Landry, Levi Morgan, Greg Miller, Adam LaRoche, Willie Robertson, Randy Birdsong, Chris Brackett, Ted Nugent, Cam Hanes, Bo Jackson, Kendall Jones, Jackie Bushman, Tony Vandemore, Jeff Danker, Bill Jordan, Theresa Vail, Kevin VanDam, Melissa Bachman, Hank Parker, Chipper Jones, Gregg Ritz, David Blanton, Casey Keefer, Stan Potts, and then some, he hits them all.

Creative genius, and pretty dang funny.

How he remembered that whole thing is beyond me, but now you have heard the most "Famous" hunting story of all time.

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