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GoPro in a Crab Trap Shows Macabre Feeding Frenzy

The video from a GoPro camera attached to a crab trap might be enough to give you the creeps, if you've got a vivid imagination. 

These guys stuck a GoPro camera in the corner of a crab trap, dropped the trap into the water, and recorded what happened. Suffice to say, it's fairly disturbing and might just give you an eerie shiver if you let your imagination run amok.

Watch as a whole lotta crabs crawl all over the bait and one another as they attempt to get out. Shudder...

Dungeness crabs begin to enter and soon they fill the basket.

Maybe it's the smell of the salmon bait that gets them going, or maybe it's just the sheer number of crabs in the confined space of the trap, but it doesn't take long before they break into a feeding frenzy.

The footage has the sound of their bodies clicking against the cage and each other as they crawl haphazardly all over the place, and when that footage is sped up it's doubly menacing.

They remind you of a hoard of spiders, with dozens of legs skittering all over the place. It's actually pretty cool and, if you're a crab fisherman especially, makes for an exciting catch.

These crabbers filled the trap in less than an hour near Victoria, British Columbia. Someone ate very good that night!

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