beaver trapped

Beaver Trapped in Clear Water Captured on Underwater Camera

A trapper films himself setting his conibear traps in crystal clear water, and the next day he's got two beaver trapped. Here's what the camera shows underwater.

This trapper is making beaver sets in the beautifully clear water of a flowing stream. He films the process of setting his traps underwater. The next day he returns and, lo and behold, he's got two beaver trapped in the conibears.

He keeps the camera underwater to give the viewer an unusual view of the beaver as they lie motionless in the traps, creating an interesting and slightly eerie sight.

He's using 330 conibears in this video, highly efficient and humane traps that kill the animal quickly. You'll notice that he also places guiding sticks at the sides of the set traps, which of course help to direct the swimming beavers where he wants them to go: that is, into the jaws of the traps.

There are plenty of videos on youtube showing trappers making sets just like this, but they're almost all filmed above the water. This view offers a different perspective, one that makes the capture of the beavers a little more direct and immediate.

It's as though they're frozen in the moment that the traps sprang shut, and they're waiting patiently for the trapper to retrieve them and process the fur.

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