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Man-Made Floating Island Compound in British Columbia [PICS]

Bored Panda

They call it Freedom Cove for a reason. Here's why.

Wayne Adams, 66, and Catherine King, 59, live on a floating island of structures that pretty well supply everything they need to live comfortably.

Their expansive multi-platform home lies on the coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, in a scenic inlet they've aptly named Freedom Cove.

Adams and King have a good reason for the name as well. Their home compound is almost entirely self-sustaining, with water collection, energy sources, and food production.

They truly are as free from dependence upon outside sources and supply lines as one could reasonably be.


The couple began building their home more than 20 years ago, in 1992. They said that the project started when a winter storm felled some trees. They used those trees to build their first floating home.

Over the years they've added more platforms - they are up to 12 now - and other amenities, including five greenhouses with a half-acre worth of food growing space.

Both Adams and King are artists, so they also have built art studio space and a gallery from which they can sell their work to tourists who come to see their floating homestead.

They have even included a sizable dance floor on one of the platforms to accomodate Catherine's career as a dancer.


In the summer they get fresh water from a nearby waterfall, and in winter they make use of a rainwater storage system. They also have relied on solar panels and a generator for electrical power.

When many people think of off-the-grid living they automatically picture a small cabin in the woods with a solar panel or two on the roof and the simplest of amenities.

That's really what this floating island is, but in expanded form.


The main elements for sustainable living are the same for homes large or small. Both require systems to provide food, water, heat and power.

The Freedom Cove compound covers all of those bases just as does the small cabin in the woods.

The difference is that the Adams' and King's compound floats atop the surface of the water and is creatively fashioned by two artists with an eye for beauty and design.






All images via Browning Pass

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Man-Made Floating Island Compound in British Columbia [PICS]