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Houston Bar Owners Create 'Good Boy' Dog Beer So You Can Drink with Your Best Friend

Are you ready to enjoy a cold one with your best friend but then open a beer for him? What? Sign us up! We would never share our beer of course with our dogs! We always feel like they need their own "treat" so we'll give them all a bone to chew on while we enjoy our "treat" and hang on the patio. Now, if you live in the Houston area you and your dog can enjoy cold beers! You can also order these online.

Megan and Steve Long started a brewery for dogs in 2018. It is more than beer for dogs though! They needed to give their senior dog vitamins and proteins in liquid form and they invented this non-alcoholic, safe treat for dogs. It helps them digest their food and they're hoping other dogs benefit. Their dog suffered from some GI issues and that inspired them to get this off the ground and it's now widely served through Houston. 

It comes in four flavors including pork, veggie, chicken, and peanut. The all-natural brew contains different fresh ingredients carefully cooked down to make a refreshing and healthy treat. 

Good Boy Dog beer can be found at local dog-friendly restaurants and bars all around Houston. 

Learn more in this video about this awesome couple! They talk about using it as a topper and you know how much I love toppers for the dogs! Maybe our senior dog will enjoy it too since he's so picky!

Other companies selling dog beer in the United States include Happy Dog Beer Co. in Montana, Pet Winery in Florida and Apollo Peak in Colorado.

You can find the locations that serve Good Boy Dog Beer at their website: www.goodboydogbeer.com.

Would you buy dog beer for your dog? Please leave us a comment below. 

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