goliath birdeating tarantula
Facebook: Smithsonian Channel

The Goliath Bird-Eating Tarantula is Real, and Here Are the Details

The goliath bird-eating tarantula may be the largest arachnid in the world. Here's what it looks like in action, and get ready to shiver.

Now, there's three words that just go together like bread and butter: goliath, bird-eating, and tarantula.

Trembling yet?

If not, you will be once you've seen this brutish arachnid in action. The rarely filmed tarantula is said to make lunch of rodents, toads, frogs, and yes even birds.

Oh yeah, it can be almost 11 inches long and weigh almost a half pound. Wait until you see what it does to the lizard in this video.

You can check it out right here:

First of all big thanks to the Smithsonian Channel Facebook page for posting this amazing, albeit creepy video. 

This huge South American spider is a member of the tarantula family. Talk about growing up with a bad rep! Do they have to show a close-up of that puppy-sized nightmare munching the lizard?! Apparently, the answer is yes!

Big props to the video's quality. Have you ever seen such hairy legs? (be careful guys, or you'll get slapped) All in all, this beast is said to be venomous, but not deadly to humans.

I'm still pretty sure we don't want one biting us.