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Watch Duke the Golden Retriever Get Caught Sneaking Into the Pool (Again!)

The internet fell in love with Duke the Golden retriever and his sneaky swimming habit back in June when his dog mom, Kimberly Clark, shared a video of him in the pool without her permission. The viral clip, which has racked up more than 24 million views, shows the stubborn pup refusing to get out of the pool—even though he wasn't supposed to be in there in the first place. While Duke knew he'd be in trouble, the risk was totally worth the reward!

Now, the water-loving dog is back with a hilarious new swimming video. It seems this floof cannot stay out of the pool, and whether or not he's allowed to be in the water is still a point of contention. One Saturday night, the dog furry dolphin decided take a dip while his mom was inside the house. When she returned to the backyard, he was swimming around in the dark with his puppy eyes glowing.


Duke swims day or night.#dukehasapooladdiction #spoiledrotten goldensrule#daddysbuddy

? original sound - Kimberly Clark

"I went inside for one second, and I come back out and you're in the pool," Kimberly says in the clip. Duke gives her a sheepish look as she scolds him for sneaking into the water again. As he rests his paws on the pool rim, Duke ducks his head down, trying to avoid eye contact with his mom. She asks him for a high five and he refuses—but is happy to offer a paw to his dog dad. (Classic!) Finally, Kimberly tells Duke that he's allowed to keep swimming because it's Saturday.

The sneaky pup doesn't always get so lucky, though. His mom only allows night-swimming on the weekends, so she wasn't thrilled when she caught Duke in the midst of an unauthorized midweek swim.


Mom it is Saturday everyday is Saturday!!!#dukehasapooladdiction #EVERYDAYISSATURDAY

? original sound - Kimberly Clark

This hilarious follow-up video shows Duke in the pool after dark once more. In a stern voice, Kimberly reminds him that it's Tuesday—not Saturday. The pup paws at the side of the pool as if to say, "But, Mom!" He swims to get his ball, bringing it over to Kimberly to see if she'll change her mind. (Spoiler alert: she does!) Duke is so cute, it seems impossible to stay mad at him for long. Here's to him swimming every night of the week!

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