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Watch Duke the Golden Retriever Get Caught Sneaking Into the Pool

There are two types of dogs: Those who hate swimming and those who are downright obsessed. I don't think I've ever met a dog with a lukewarm opinion of the pool. We had one pup who absolutely refused to go near it. No matter what we tried— whether it was treat luring or swimming together—the thought of her feet not touching the ground was panic-inducing. Our next dog couldn't get enough of the pool, and her love of swimming extended to lakes and streams. Getting her out of the water was next to impossible!

It looks like my water-loving pooch and Duke the golden retriever may have been really good friends. Duke's owner, Kimberly Clark, recently shared a video to TikTok that shows the sneaky pup throwing a one-man pool party. In the clip, he's happily paddling back and forth around his family's above-ground pool. But it turns out that Duke may not have had his mom's permission to get in the water that day.



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When Duke's mom catches him in the pool, his reaction was priceless. The guilt is written all over the adorable pup's face as Kimberly asks him repeatedly if he's supposed to be in the pool. When she first tells him it's time to get out, he slowly backs away and even shakes his head. When Duke realizes that "Mommy is mad at him," the defiant pooch faces the other direction and floats away. Sorry, Mom—there's no way he's getting out of that pool!

(Don't fret, pet parents. It looks like the pup can easily get in and out on his own using the picnic table pushed up against side of the pool.)

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