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Koda The Golden Retriever Rejects His New Baby Brother

New puppies are the epitome of cute, cuddly, and fun. However, this dog is not thrilled about his new sibling...

When you bring a puppy home for the first time to meet your existing dog, you plan for any outcome. Sometimes, however, your existing pooch is not always thrilled to meet their new puppy pal, especially if they have been the only family dog for a while. Having a second dog in the home means they have to share cuddle time, your attention, and playtime. In this adorable TikTok video, one Golden Retriever rejects his new sibling, opting to get as far away as possible.

In this adorable first meeting from last year, Koda The Golden Retriever does not seem ready for a baby brother. The new Golden Retriever puppy is waiting to meet his big brother in a box, but Koda is not nearly as interested in the new baby as the pup is in him. As the puppy jumps out of the box, eager to interact with the old dog, Koda swiftly makes a run for it.

Koda eventually ends up curled into his kennel, waiting for the puppy to disappear. His face makes it very clear that he wants nothing to do with this new little addition. However, the new dog seems very excited to become best friends with Koda. The new pup tries to touch Koda's paw, and he promptly tucks it under his body. The little puppy does not give up, happy to be with his new family, even if that includes a slightly anti-social older brother.

Golden Retriever Rejects New Sibling


Welcome to the family, [name pending]! #SmartfoodClub #newpuppy #puppy

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Commenters nailed Koda's feelings on the situation. One commented, "When is it leaving?" While another view said, "You can tell he is an only child." Many commenters said they had the same thing happen with their Golden Retrievers and most of them eventually accepted the new pup as a part of the family, becoming the best dog big brothers.

Koda will likely only reject his new sibling for so long. We are sure Koda and his new fur sibling will be best buddies in no time!

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