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This Golden Retriever's Bond With His Tiny Human Is Melting Hearts Everywhere

Four-year-old Brynn was born with a genetic disorder that does not allow her to sit up, talk, walk, or eat like other children her age. Luckily, that hasn't held her back from loving dogs! She grew up with a pup named Piper, but her mom decided they needed another dog in their lives. Enter Indie, a 2-year-old golden retriever that the family adopted. This loving pup has made it his mission to care for Brynn since the moment he came home. Of course, as a dog lover, Byrnn is thrilled to have him around. (In addition to Piper, of course!) On their TikTok account, @goldenindiejoe, Byrnn's mom posted the sweetest video of the pair playing together in the bathroom, and it's easy to see why this moment went viral.


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In the clip, Brynn sits in her adaptive chair on the bathroom floor, with Indie dutifully sitting on the ground next to her. He paws, kisses, and nuzzles her hand, looking her right in the eye as she smiles and laughs at his display of affection. It's clear that this good boy knows he has to be gentle with his human sister.


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These loving interactions may be the best thing we've watched all day, and many commenters agree. "I love the way the pup looks at her," one viewer wrote. Others noticed how happy Brynn looks, pointing out "the joy on her face" and "that smile she gives him." A lot of people attributed Indie's sweet personality to his breed. After all, golden retrievers are known for being loving dogs! It's no wonder that these pups always top the list of the most popular dog breeds.

Here's to Brynn and Indie being best friends forever!

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