The First Good Glock Gen 5 Rundown We've Seen

What's in the new Glock?

Interested in purchasing a new pistol? Wondering if you should save a few bucks and go with the old model Glock? Check the video below to see what you might be missing.

So if you weren't following along the new model has several improvements most of those in the grip. I have to admit I didn't realize so many people hated the finger grooves but those are gone. My favorite change is beveling the slide. If you carry a Glock knowing that you can pull it faster adds an extra level of comfort.

The internal changes are where it counts. A smoother trigger pull and less parts to fail means you can spend more time shooting; which is what is really important. The new recoil spring is a great idea for smaller shooters or someone just starting out.

Like it at the end of the video...I want one.