Glock 41

Glock 41: The 45 ACP With a Longer Sight Radius For Precision Shooting

The Glock 41 is something of a niche addition to the line.

There is a reason the Glock line of safe action pistols is one of the most popular on the planet. It is because there is usually something for everyone in the line no matter what you are looking for. The Glock 41 Gen 4 is a great example of this.

This .45 caliber pistol features a longer barrel and slide than some of the other offerings in the line. This polymer frame handgun feels like it has a niche market like the G32. However, it has garnered some devoted fans in the law enforcement community.

Here is everything you need to know about the semi-auto G41 Gen4, from general specs to the users who will get the most out of the platform.

The specs of the Glock 41

While most Glocks look nearly identical, the Glock 41 stands out a bit because of that long slide and barrel length. They gave this gun a 5.31-inch barrel and the gun has an overall length of 8.78 inches. This gives the gun a profile closer to that of a classic 1911 than a standard Glock. We get the feeling that was intentional, mostly to try and sway some 1911 die-hards over to Glock. Considering how expensive a new 1911 is, this was a brilliant move on Glock's part. As the pricing for a new Glock G41 Gen 4 is roughly half of a high end 1911. The Glock 41 also offers a more generous ammo capacity of 13 rounds of .45 ACP.

Whatever their intention, this is a large firearm. The height is identical to that of a Glock 17 at 5.47 inches. However, the G41 Gen 4 is approximately four ounces heavier, 36.51 ounces with a fully loaded 13-round magazine.

On their website, Glock has the Glock 41 labeled as a "competition" pistol. Which makes sense, that longer slide and barrel gives the gun a longer sight radius. The company also says it helps to reduce the recoil and muzzle flip when compared to the company's other large caliber offerings like the Glock 20 or Glock 30.

Glock also offers the Glock 41 Gen 4 MOS variant. This gun is identical in terms of specs. It features the same reversible magazine catch and modular back strap system as a standard Glock 41. The only difference is that it is has an MOS configuration. This allows you to mount a sight on the slide straight out of the box rather than buying a bunch of aftermarket parts.

What is the difference between Glock 21 and 41?

While you will hear this gun compared to many other offerings in the Glock line, the most common comparison is to their other .45 ACP offering, the extremely popular Glock 21. You might think the larger frame of the Glock G41 Gen4 would make it heavier, but the G21 is a few ounces heavier despite having the same magazine capacity and a shorter barrel.

The only real difference is in the slide. Going back to that 1911 comparison again, Glock significantly slimmed down the slide of the Glock 41. The difference is obvious when you compare the slides of these guns side-by-side. The G21 just has a beefier slide that adds to the weight.

The Glock 21 is also slightly shorter on overall length and fractionally taller than the G41, although once again, these differences may not be noticeable unless you are comparing the two guns next to one another.

What is a Glock 41 good for?

As we have already mentioned, the Glock 41 was probably designed mostly with serious competitive shooters in mind. Which explains why they offer the Glock 41 Gen4 MOS variant. Although most serious shooters are probably going to swap in some aftermarket parts for a crisper trigger pull, and a new recoil spring assembly, and adjustable sights.

However, there are some people who like to use this gun for concealed carry because they feel more confident with the accuracy provided by that longer sight radius. If you are concerned about the longer slide, you probably should not be. The gun is only nominally longer than the Glock 21. And many holster companies are now offering holsters specifically designed for the 41, so the market is there. Just be aware that it is going to be a hefty gun to carry all day. You will want a quality belt, and that larger frame may also make this gun more prone to printing than some of the company's other offerings. You might also consider some aftermarket night sights for better target acquisition in low light.

Some law enforcement agencies have also taken to using the G41 as a duty use handgun. It will probably work better for that since most officers are going to be open carrying anyway.

Can a Glock 41 convert to 10mm?

From the moment the Glock 41 first hit the market, many people wanted a conversion kit that would allow them to take advantage of the gun's longer barrel and slide for a more powerful round. It did not take long for aftermarket companies to respond with drop-in barrel kits that give this gun an instant upgrade in firepower. Just be aware you will have to purchase some 10mm magazines, and you should also probably think about upgrading a few other things like the recoil spring to get better performance out of the gun.

The downside is that upgrading it to a larger caliber does give this gun significantly more recoil. Because the slide is not nearly as heavy as some of the other .45 ACP Glocks, it is going to be more snappy and that can take some time to get used to using.

Pros, cons, and pricing.

There are many advantages of the Glock 41. The first being that when shooting .45 ACP, some users find it a little easier to be accurate thanks to that longer slide and barrel. If you are looking for a competition gun, the Glock 41 may be just the ticket. The downside is that if you are looking for a .45 ACP for defensive purposes, this gun is slightly more difficult to carry. You may also have a harder time finding a concealed carry holster simply because using this gun for that purpose is less common.

The good news is that the Glock 41 is extremely affordable, especially when compared to other .45 ACP offerings on the market of similar size. A standard model Gen 4 Glock 41 usually goes for around $670 new, while the MOS models start around the $720 mark. If you hit the used market, these guns can often be found for significantly less.

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