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Gear Review: Gill Fishing Tournament Jacket and Trouser

Gill Fishing is now offering the Tournament Jacket and Trouser for the serious angler.

Many anglers have found Gill Fishing to not only be unique in the way that they create great gear, but special in how they generate their fishing equipment to work for each individual.

As a leader in the sportfishing community, Gill Fishing not only makes some great fishing shirts and hats, but their lineup of jackets and bibs will keep you out on the water when few other optinos will. Over 40 years of trusted experience keeping anglers dependably waterproof and dry on the water, their breathable gear is also some of the most comfortable to wear.

Even if you've never heard of them, the brand has been around and already garnered attention from the best of the best. In fact, Gill's lineup has long since been worn by bass pros including 2019 Toyota Bassmaster Angler of the Year Scott Canterbury.

For those who love to keep fishing when others are heading for the dock, there is now an alternative to other less flexible fishing wear to keep them warm and dry while they wait out the next bite. With members of both B.A.S.S. and MLF wearing their gear, Gill is now reaching out to the everyday angler to let them know how valued they are.

Gill Fishing Tournament Trouser

Pro Tourney rain jacket and bibs

Gill Fishing

At first glance, these are trousers similar in style to any bibs that you and I have worn, and Gill packs a lot into an unassuming pair of fishing bottoms. The legs are zippered up to the top of the thigh to make it easy getting in and out. Both zips are covered by a double storm guard and are flanked by a D-ring on either side for attaching to a boat's kill cord.

They come made with superb abrasion-resistant knee guards, great for those moments when you are kneeling on the deck and removing a hook. They are waterproof with fully taped seams thanks to Gill Fishing's proprietary XPLOR two-layer fabric and a sturdy water repellant finish.

They come in every size from XS all the way up to 4XL, and have a $200 price tag.

Gill Fishing Tournament Jacket

Pro Tourney rain jacket and bibs

Gill Fishing

The Tournament Jacket features Gill's Vortex Hood technology, which keeps the hood in place while traveling at high-speeds, a great feature for those on the go when the bite is on and time is of the essence. One great attribute to look for in all the best rain jackets is an adjustable double cuff with PU inner seal, which stops water from entering the sleeve, and this jacket has it.

The high-cut thermal collar gives comfort and warmth along with a cushioned face guard to protect against the oncoming wind and water while moving at top speeds. As always, the zips are covered by a double storm guard, keeping water completely at bay, along with the same D-rings as the bibs to leash kill cords.

Two colors are available, the darker Graphite version I tried out and a light tan they call Sage. The Tournament Jacket is $239.

Using The Tournament Bib and Jacket

As always, it's a pleasure to find yourself wearing some of today's newest gear, and take advantage of the technology that they possess. I found the fit of the medium-sized bibs and the jacket to be spot on, especially with some added layers underneath. In fact, the suspenders on the trousers needed almost zero adjustment out of the bag.

The bibs hugged my hips as well as the jacket, which formed right around my waist. I never care for having loose fitting rain gear, as it can make my movements awkward, something I do not want on the water.

The legs of the bibs can be unzipped all the way up to your waist, but both with the jacket and the trousers include velcro all the way up to ensure it's storm sealed. That can be a bit of a task.

There are pockets galore on the coat, with two decent ones high on the bibs, but I'd love a zippered pouch on each side of the zipper on the interior of the bibs. Since we always have to carry a cell phone, wallet, and keys, we need multiple safe and waterproof areas to put them while we're fishing. It would be nice to include, but nonetheless there are plenty of pocket options.

Gill Fishing

Craig Raleigh

As stated, the jacket is loaded with them: two slide-in pockets, two velcro pockets, and two zippered pockets. There is also one interior zip up pocket. As long as you connect the Vortex hood correctly with the zipper and velcro, the hood will definitely stay in place while your boat is moving.

Fishing with both the the trousers and the jacket on is as comfortable as it gets.

Final Thoughts

Performance wise, this water and weatherproof combo will really fit the bill for those anglers who want to stay while the bite is on. Though they are not meant so much for colder weather, this jacket and bibs will keep you warm and dry from the early spring until the late fall.

Professional bass anglers who push the boundaries of the sport need the gear that will keep them fishing no matter what. For them, the gear that they wear cannot be constrictive nor can it be so loose fitting as to get in their way. This is why so many trust Gill Fishing, and I've come to agree with them.

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