YouTube: Tim Wells Bow Hunter

Giant Warthog Gets Speared, Then Runs Straight Into Tree

Running full speed into a tree results in a broken tusk and another animal dead by spear for Tim Wells.

Tim Wells has made a very credible name in our industry using his great skills with bows and spears. He's also ruffled a lot of feathers in the anti-hunting community with the graphic videos of his spear hunting endeavors.

Now he's back at it again, this time hunting warthogs with a spear. After great shot placement with a spear throw from above, this warthog runs straight for the brush.

With the spear cam on, the spear sticks straight up and films the event unfolding as the hog sprints off like a rocket at full speed...

Then it strikes a tree head on and brings the blood trail to a halt.

Once Tim began to blood trail the warthog, he couldn't believe what he saw. The hog had crushed the tree and was lying at the base.

He goes on to say, "I don't think I killed him with the spear; he killed himself."

A cracked log with a blood-spattered base and a shockingly broken tusk were both there at the scene. Those tusks are incredibly tough, so the fact that it broke shows just how hard it hit the tree.

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