26.9-pound muskellunge
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Giant Muskie Barely Clears Tiny Ice Fishing Hole

A Maine fisherman pulls a 26.9-pound muskelunge through an eight-inch hole in the ice and they're still taking about it.

Tylor Kellys Camps Allagash Maine posted a video that you have to see to believe. A dandy ice fisherman by the name of Wade had hooked into a good one and wasn't about to let it go.

First of all, when you see any hardwater angler get down on their knees you'll begin to realize that it's getting serious. Secondly, when you see a guy reach down into the hole—up to his shoulder—there is obviously something down there that he doesn't want to get away.

Getting what's down there out of the hole just might be the event of the day, but this is one ice fisherman who's not about to give in to his ultimate prize.

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Sticking your arm up to the pit in water that cold needs a good reason, but a 26.9-pound muskellunge might be the best one ever!

Muskie fishing through the ice is many times a simple matter of a by-catch of a fish that the angler wasn't actually targeting. Ice fishing regulations in most states understand this and allow for the catch and release of fish that are considered out of season, just as it would for open water fishing.

We're just like the rest of the angling community: if it bites, we want to catch it and anything that comes through the ice is fair game. Just remember that if the law states that you have to immediately release it, please do so.

Congrats to this good angler and hopefully that fish won him a prize!

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