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Taking a Spin on an Ice Auger Isn't Always a Good Idea

This guy just lasted a full 10-seconds on the meanest, nastiest ice auger ever, and lived to talk about it.

There's always that one guy in every crowd, that "hold my beer" guy that accepts the challenge, listens to his buddies egg him on, and then leaves us laughing hysterically.

Well, here's that guy in all his glory and he deserves a medal.

When you're out ice fishing and the bite is slow, or even when the bite is good, you may need a little something to keep your spirits up and help to pass the time out on the ice.

Since the invention of the power ice auger, we've all thought about doing this, but we have to say that it is inherently dangerous and please do not try this.

Having said that, someone, somewhere is always willing to go for it. Thankfully they took some video to show just how hysterical it really is.

Warning: Graphic language used in the video

That was a great ride! The only thing that stopped that dude from spinning was the ice. In fact he kept right on spinning after he hit! What was more fun, watching him ride that thing or listening to his friend's reaction after?

The person that posted the video is based in South Dakota, but it's not certain where this took place at this time. Wherever it was, don't attempt to ride an ice auger as you could end up with an awful injury.

Thankfully, the only thing hurt was his buddy's belly from laughing so hard!

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