Getting Started in Bowfishing Just Got Way Easier

2017 is the year of bowfishing. Why is that, you ask? Diamond Archery just released their first-ever bowfishing bow and it includes everything you'd expect from your hunting bow, and then some!

The new Edge Sonar is the most durable weapon on the water.  The bow itself is based on the best-selling bow ever, the Infinite Edge. Diamond is all about adjustability, and the Edge Sonar continues the tradition, giving you 12" of draw length to play with plus a whopping 50lbs of draw weight to fit everyone in your crew. Big, small or anywhere in between, every shooter can have some fun with this bow.

Not only can you adjust to your specific draw length, but you can opt to lock into a wall like your compound hunting bow or adjust it to the infinite setting for fast-paced snap shooting. No matter how you choose to shoot, rest assured that this thing can take a licking if you accidentally dry fire it. Stuff happens, but with the Sonar's extra wide cam tracks, you can fire at will, again and again and again.

Now that you're picturing yourself hammering those carp come summer, don't disregard the rest of your posse: they can jump in on the fun, too. From adults shooting big game fish, down to the little tykes practicing on sunfish, this bow will get 'er done.

One of the best features surrounding the Edge Sonar is Diamond's content series that helps get newbies and veterans alike shooting quickly.  Never bowfished before, no problem.  They serve up a dozen videos that walk you through how to set up the bow, how to shoot, even where to look for fish.  Getting into the sport couldn't be any easier with these assets on their website.

Well if you're still reading this article you're either wishin' you were fishin' or about to check out this sweet rig on their website.  I'd suggest you consider both and make plans to hit the water hard this year with a powerhouse of a bow.