Royal Nonesuch Tease
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Get Pumped for a DIY Flamethrower with This Royal Nonesuch Tease

Let's face it, everyone wants to own a flamethrower, and with this latest Royal Nonesuch Tease, that flamethrower could soon be reality.

Shooting a flamethrower is something we've all wanted to try at some point. There's just something so fascinating about the fact that you can shoot fire and control where it goes. Unfortunately for most of us, and actual flamethrower is out of our price range and most of the DIY fixes are a little to dangerous. But, in the latest Royal Nonesuch Tease, we find that there might just be hope yet...

While this still doesn't look like something you'll want to jump into lightly, based on his previous experiments we're hopeful that Royal Nonesuch will find a way to build this homemade flamethrower with some degree of safety. If so, the price tag on this one looks perfect for the "everyday hero" who has always wanted to wield a flamethrower.

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