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These 12-Gauge Exploding Arrows Will Literally Blow Your Mind

12-Gauge exploding arrows
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12-Gauge exploding arrows may sound like an awesome mix between archery and shotgun hunting, but are they really all they are cracked up to be?

12-Gauge exploding arrows sound like something you and your buddies thought up after missing a deer or during target practicing. That being said, sitting around the campfire is where most of us left the idea of creating 12-Gauge exploding arrows.

However, over at Royal Nonesuch, that idea was just a starting point. Check out what happens when he finally gets around to testing out his 12-Gauge exploding arrows. Feel free to back up and watch the whole video, but we skipped to the part with the most action.

While it does look quite dangerous, I have to admit the impact and the damage when the arrow goes off is quite substantial. While I would never use these for hunting, they do look like fun. However, when I logically weigh the fun vs. danger aspect, I think I’ll probably stay away from these.

It does take me back to the days of “The Dukes of Hazzard” in a way. The way the arrows are shot and explode are very similar to the way the Duke boys would fire off their arrows with a stick of dynamite attached to the end.

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These 12-Gauge Exploding Arrows Will Literally Blow Your Mind