See the Hilarious Moment This German Shepherd Gets Caught Splashing All Over the House

While dog owners love to think they have the goodest dog, no pup can be perfect 100% of the time. Let's be honest: Dogs are sneaky. Some pups steal food off the counters, while others head out to the backyard to dig their way to the center of the Earth. One furry family member even snuck into his owner's pool and had a splashin' good time. There's no limit to the trouble dogs will try to get into!

One of the more mischievous dog breeds is the German shepherd. They are smart enough to know better, but sometimes they don't care. As I am learning with our five-month-old puppy, he knows he isn't supposed to dump his water bowl in the house (or anywhere else), but sometimes he does it anyway. Then he sits in the corner looking sheepish while I'm on my hands and knees cleaning up his mess. Outside, he does it just because he can, then shoots me demanding stares because all of his water is gone.

One viral video made me feel a lot better about my current predicament because an older dog is being just as naughty. A German shepherd thought he was home alone and began splashing water out of his bowl—but his owner came back sooner than expected The dog's reaction to being caught is priceless.


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In the TikTok video posted by @pettiktik, the scheming German shepherd take a drink from his water bowl and throws it all over the floor just as his owner walks in. The big dog is so startled he lets out a little bark as all four of his feet leave the floor, then hangs his head while walking to his owner apologetically. The visual of the dog's body seeming to leave its skin is worth watching this video over and over. Commenters agreed: "This just gets funnier the more I watch it," one person wrote. Someone else imagined the scenario from the pup's POV and wrote, "Oh my, what are you doing home so early, mom don't you work?" Another German shepherd owner felt the same way I did, writing, "Oh good, it's not just my German Shepherd that gets water everywhere...though mine was broken for a minute."

If you ask us, this dog's unsanctioned indoor water play was worth the mess.

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