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Gerber Gear and Randy Newberg Join Forces for Knife Line

Gerber Gear and Randy Newberg have teamed up to produce some cool new field knives.

In the market for some new field dressing tools for next hunting season? You might want to get a look at the new offerings from Gerber Gear. The company recently announced a partnership with one of our favorite TV hunting personalities and public land advocates, conservationist Randy Newberg.

Officially unveiled at SHOT Show in Las Vegas back in January was the Gerber Randy Newberg EBS and Randy Newberg DTS. Don't worry, we'll make sense of those acronyms.

DTS stands for "Dual tool system." It's a hunting knife with two distinct blade types built in to help with the various stages of field dressing. More specifically, the DTS features a primary blade for the skinning of big game animals. It's also made for fine cutting work. The new knife also features a "tendon tool" specifically designed to cut and separate tendons or conduct other work that might dull the main blade on a bone. It's a pretty smart idea.

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Newberg was also heavily involved in the design process for the EBS knife, also known as the "Exchangeable blade system." The idea here was to make something light and portable for backcountry hunts like the ones a renowned hunter like Randy is known for.

This knife features three different blades that pack down into what Gerber is calling a "quiet carry box." Gerber says this box will keep the blades from rattling and potentially spooking game in your pack.

The three blades are a backstrap blade, breakdown blade and task blade. According to the Gerber Gear website, the blades for both knives are made from 440C steel. It's a tough and corrosion-resistant high carbon steel that should fit most heavy dressing jobs quite well.

Both blades weigh a little over six ounces and are specifically made to be orange and reflective so they're easier to locate when you're dressing an animal in the dark.

So, no matter if you're quartering up an elk deep in the backcountry using the gutless method or simply dressing a deer in the woods behind your house, there's an option for any hunting style.

We're guessing we'll start seeing Randy utilizing these knives in his videos soon enough. We're anxious to see how they perform in the field.

"It's been so rewarding working with Gerber through the years," Newberg said in a press release. "I've hunted alongside the Gerber team and developed products alongside them. I hope the EBS and DTS tools provide other hunters with solutions to the same problems we face in the field."

The new Randy Newberg collection of knives have an MSRP of $60 each. See the Gerber Gear website for more information.

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