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You Need To See Randy Newberg’s Friend’s Awesome Muzzleloader Pronghorn Hunt

You Need To See Randy Newberg's Friend's Awesome Muzzleloader Pronghorn Hunt

Randy Newberg’s friend Jim Baichtal took down a massive Boone & Crockett buck during his muzzleloader pronghorn hunt in Wyoming.

Finding an animal that fits the Boone & Crockett bill is extremely difficult, regardless of the species or location. However, taking a buck this size on a muzzleloader pronghorn hunt is an even more incredible accomplishment. Well, that’s just what Randy Newberg’s good friend Jim Baichtal managed to do during their Wyoming pronghorn hunt together. 

Even though Jim is an experienced hunter and was using a quality muzzleloader that he really knew how to handle, he still needed to stalk is way within 100 yards of that pronghorn to make an ethical shot, which is no easy task. However, with some patience and a little luck, Jim managed to make get himself within range.

This is a full length television episode, so you can fast forward to the 15:00 mark to see Jim’s stalk if you’re short on time.

Was that a great stalk or what?

Nice work Jim! There’s no better way to cap off a muzzleloader pronghorn hunt than by taking a Boone & Crockett buck.

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You Need To See Randy Newberg’s Friend’s Awesome Muzzleloader Pronghorn Hunt