Morakniv Floating Knife
Travis Smola

Gear Review: The Morakniv Floating Knife

The Morakniv Floating Knife is incredibly light and floats!

Every fisherman can use a good outdoor knife. Whether you are using it to clean fish or simply to slice your line and switch out lures, a knife is always handy to have on the water. Of course, one of the big problems with having an expensive knife is the chance of losing it overboard. We know plenty of fishermen who have had a trip ruined when their expensive tool accidentally falls overboard.

Morakniv recently sent us their newest floating knife, which is one of the lightest fishing knives we have ever held and would be a great addition to your angling gear.

Here is what we thought of this new blade from the Swedish knife maker.

Versatile and light

Morakniv Floating Knife

Travis Smola

The Morakniv floating serrated knife has already been on the market for quite some time. That blade received excellent customer reviews and it seems like the company is trying to play off the success of that product with a regular straight edge with this newest offering.

The blade material is stainless steel and it has a length of 3.8 inches. As for other specs, the blade thickness is 1.4mm and the overall length is 9.25 inches. The steel is 12C27 Sandvik, which is a high hardness and corrosive-resistant steel. Perfect for a fishing knife. To make this a lightweight knife and give it floating capabilities, the handle material is cork. We have not handled the Morakniv floating serrated knife, so this was our first experience with a cork handle. As strange as it sounds on paper, it is actually a very ergonomic handle.

It feels very natural in the hand and is easy to grip when your hands are wet. Most people are going to use this primarily as a fishing or kayaking knife, so a good grip is of high importance. I was almost certain this knife was not a full tang and I was correct, however I was surprised to learn it is a partial tang. That is not a knock against it. For most fishing and even light bushcraft applications most people will use this fixed blade knife for, that should be perfect.

In truth a full tang is something I look for more in a hunting knife than a fishing knife or survival knife anyway. Another thing I was unable to determine was what quality of metal was used for the stainless steel blade. It just was not in any information I could dig up online. Again, not a big deal. I will say that the knife came with an excellent edge already on it. It was easy to use it for a variety of small fishing tasks over the Memorial Day holiday weekend. The grip was comfortable and the blade length felt perfect for the tasks this knife was designed for.

Yes, it really does float!

Morakniv Floating Knife

Travis Smola

One of the big selling points of Morakniv's floating serrated blade knife was the fact that you would have to be working hard to lose it overboard with that cork handle and light visible polymer sheath. It comes in a lime green color that should be easy to spot if you ever happen to drop it overboard.

To be thorough in my test, I dropped it in the lake. I can confirm that yes, it does indeed float with or without the sheath. The knife did come with a small warning card that says the company cannot guarantee it floats after a period of extended use. More specifically, it says the buoyancy will be undermined if it is exposed to water for more than a week.

Unless you lose it in a rapids while kayaking or your bass boat gets swamped, that seems unlikely to happen. The same card suggests making sure the knife dries fully before using it again to help it retain the ability to float. Bottom line? This is a simple, but efficient knife with a cool feature and light weight that should make it appealing not just to angler, but to kayakers, backpacking enthusiasts and many other outdoor enthusiasts too. The fact that the MSRP is only $30 makes it the perfect tool for anyone on a budget too. Check them out if you are looking for a quality lightweight knife for your next adventure.

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