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Everyone Says It's True, But Why is a Sharp Knife So Important to a Hunter?

Every outdoorsman who's shot a deer can attest that a sharp knife is of utmost importance.

When you hear that old line, mumbled by just about every hunter on either side of any ocean, it's usually pretty easy to trust: Yes, a sharp knife is going to make a difference. A big difference.

But for the naysayer, the newbie, and the ever-negative who has to disagree with everything you say just for the heck of it, we'll lay out a few good reasons why a sharp knife is as vital as any other tool in your hunting toolbox.

Time saver

Having a razor-sharp knife, ready to do its job and do it efficiently, actually shortens the time field dressing game animals.

This gives you more time to get the meat back to your kitchen, or store it somewhere safe and head back out for more hunting. Which reminds us...

Avoid spoilage

A sharp knife lets you work faster, which is helpful when it’s hot. Your meat is less likely to spoil if you can get it on ice and secured sooner than later.

That's pretty much a no-brainer, but it's worth bringing up.

Bang for your buck

Alright, pardon the deer pun, but everyone wants more bang out of their buck when they go to the trouble of field dressing an animal they hunted, right?

Getting the most meat from your kill, that’s why we hunt. Without a knife sharp enough to cut around that bone precisely, or help extract that little extra tenderloin meat that'll taste so good, you're not really doing it right.

It’s safer

Imagine that, a sharper knife is actually going to make your job safer. Go figure.

It comes down to basic physics. If you’re cutting through tough hide with a dull knife, you’re using more pressure. That is more likely to cause you to slip and cut yourself, leaving the dull knife as the culprit.

Remember: A dull knife is legitimately dangerous. Don't get caught with one or you'll be asking for it.

Want to know the best and easiest way to keep a sharp edge on all your knives? Work Sharp will show you, and you'll never have to worry about it again.

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Everyone Says It's True, But Why is a Sharp Knife So Important to a Hunter?