PENN Slammer IV DX 4500 Spinning Reel

Gear Review: PENN Slammer IV DX 4500 Spinning Reel

When it comes to battling big fish, PENN has long since demonstrated their worth to anglers everywhere, and we finally got our opportunity to try out the new evolution of their Slammer reel line to see what it's like to use it. It became clear that with the PENN IV DX Slammer series of reels in your hands, you'll gain every bit of confidence to stand up to some of the toughest saltwater fish, plus some of the baddest hombres that swim in freshwater. Saltwater favorites like the striped bass, cobia, bluefish, and mackerel can all be targeted with this reel. Here are more of our thoughts on a reel that's ideal for a little salt and sand.

Specifications for the PENN Slammer IV DX

PENN Slammer IV DX 4500 Spinning Reel


The PENN Slammer comes in 2500, 3500, 4500, all the way to the monster 8500 size so you can choose depending on your targeted species. It comes with a beautiful aluminum ball handle and a spare EVA knob included in the box, which are interchangeable to your liking.

The Slammer IV DX is perfect as a saltwater-dedicated spinning reel, which is proven by its IPX6 sealed body and spool, but its stainless steel bearing system and the hydrophobic line roller make it suitable for any water and any conditions.

The main gear and pinion gear have been upgraded to CNC machined stainless steel, which is extremely powerful and long lasting, but it is PENN's top of the line Dura Drag system that really helps this reel shine. It has been carefully refined so that you can access a wider range of drag based on every fishing situation.

They improved the sealing on the entire reel so saltwater stands less of a chance to penetrate the inner workings, and beach sand problems are now a smaller concern. Whether you are standing in the surf or on the deck of a boat, the Slammer is easy to use and ready to serve as a serious workhorse.

Since it comes in the easy-to-handle 2500 and 3500 models, PENN is on track to be more than useful as a big water muskie, pike, salmon, steelhead, or catfish reel that can and will handle them all.

Using the PENN Slammer IV DX

PENN Slammer IV DX 4500 Spinning Reel


The first order of business for me was to attach the Slammer to my nine-foot steelhead rod and wind on some 30-pound test braided fishing line, which it took quite readily. It fit inside of the reel seat just fine.

The reel tracks the line well and casts like a dream. It has a lightweight feel in the hands and is well suited to use when casting for multiple hours.

It's clear that the reel is great for casting in the saltwater surf or from the side of a boat out beyond the breakers.

The downside is that I used up a lot of time trying to change the reel handle grip since the screw is so small and deeply seated. Even with the instructions right in front of me, it was quite the task. I'm also waiting for reel companies to start giving us a spare spool in the box again, but who knows when that will become common. I just miss the days of having an extra spool with another line size ready for a quick change when different species and conditions call for it.

PENN's new Slammer IV DX comes in every size imaginable for use against everything from the simplest inshore fishing, as well as some of the biggest and baddest foes in sportfishing. If you wanted a reel that is made to withstand the rigors of saltwater fishing that can crossover to large freshwater foes, then you could have the best of both worlds with this reel.

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