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Fishing Gear Review: Simms G4 Pro Wading Boots

I set out to learn how a pair of Simms G4 Pro Wading Boots could help my fishing experience.

I recently had the pleasure of testing out the new Simms Flyweight Waders, and quickly learned I'd found a pair I'd hold on to an enjoy wearing for a long time.

But, if you're going to get some stocking foot waders, then you're going to need some good wading boots. I've had pair after pair over the years and since I was going to test the new waders, what better to use with them but a pair of Simms G4 Pros?

Simms G4 Pro Wading Boot Review

simms flyweight waders

Craig Raleigh

I purchased the G4s right from the Simms website, a process as easy as you'd imagine. I generally wear a 10 men's boot size but needed to know how large to go to get them over the stocking foot waders. After quickly reading their size chart and a few of the reviews, I chose a pair in size 11 and they fit perfectly.

Initial Thoughts on the Simms G4 Wading Boots

You can tell right out of the box that they are built solidly and meant for durability over the course of a lot of use. Since I do a lot of early season wading, I chose the felt bottom soles because the stream bottom and surrounding areas can be so icy and slick. So far I think I made the right call.

The closed-cell foam hugs your ankles for great support and comfort while the cleat anchors inside of the felt sole give you an added grip. The vacuum-molded, stitchless TPU overlays shed water fast and furious when leaving the stream or river to walk the bank, and never feel if you're carrying around extra weight.

The Vibram Idrogrip rubber perimeter outsole is a trustworthy foundation, and the sleek, low-profile lacing system uses non-corrosive hardware (a big plus for saltwater anglers) and cinches the boot to your foot for all day comfort. The roomy toe box doesn't cramp my style, and the molded toe cap actually provided a little extra confidence as I trudged through some quick-moving water over jagged rocks.

They are about as rugged and abrasion resistant as any boot I've ever owned, and maybe the best part is how fast they dry when the fishing day is done. I much prefer to wear my waders right inside the truck on the way to the spot. I get in them at home, put on the boots, and drive.

Driving while wearing the Flyweight waders with the G4 Pros was a cinch. Getting there and walking right by the other guys who had to stop and dress was a pleasure.

Overall, I'd say these boots have made it to the top of my list in terms of the best I've ever worn. They're so burly, technically-advanced, and ultimately comfortable, which covers all the bases.

I'd suggest these for anglers of any kind, as they aren't so fancy that you feel they should be reserved for experts. If you want a pair of wading boots from a reliable brand that puts in the time and effort to create quality fishing gear, the G4 Pro Wading Boots would be the way to go.

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