Where do Gators go During a Hurricane? The Backyard

When torrential rains inundate the alligator habitat, what happens? It expands their home range by flooding other areas. Some of those areas are neighborhood backyards.

Most of America is glued to their television sets and the Internet watching the horrible devastation in southeast Texas. We are warmed by the generosity of strangers as they help each other. At the same time, we're thankful it's not our own homes.

One thing we may not think about is what happens to the wildlife during a flood and where do they go?

A lot of times you never know what to believe on social media, but the southeast Texas area around Houston is home to literally thousands of America Alligators. As well as other wetlands-loving animals.

For the most part, they will recede back to their natural abode as the water recedes, but it doesn't mean that you aren't a bit worried in the meantime. As long as you keep Fido in the house, you ought to be okay.