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18 Funny Fishing Commercials From Yesterday and Today

Here are 18 of the funniest fishing commercials ever made.

Ever since folks like the esteemed Ray Scott had the idea to sell us fishing gear that filled the shelves of our favorite tackle store, television ad men from coast to coast have vied for creating the best way to get our attention (and our dollars) by making the best and funniest fishing commercials.

These great angling ads have had us laughing all the way to the tackle shop ever since they figured out that fishermen and women everywhere have a great sense of humor. Who knew that learning about the newest Rapala lure could be funny?

The funniest fishing commercials have been turned into memes on social media, and graced many videos on YouTube as they have made the rounds for years now, and not just on the shores of North America.

The United States angling market (and beyond) sure does know how to laugh at itself as fishermen, and these adverts prove that in the best ways possible.

These 18 commercials might just be the tip of the iceberg, but here are some the best fishing ads ever created.

Gimmick Lures

It was a whole series of ridiculousness! These included the venerable Helicopter Lure, the Flying Lure, the Banjo Minnow, the Mighty Bite Fishing Lure System, the Walking Worm, and the Laser Lure just to name a few.

Even if all of these fishing lure systems are completely on the level, they're still full of marketing mayhem. The Banjo Minnow commercial is one of the silliest things around, and had the cheesiest display out of any of the advertisements on this list, mostly thanks to the incessant banjo music that played through the whole thing.

Nitro's 'Boat vs. Whiny Girlfriend'

This old Nitro Boats commercial is one of the most famous and funniest to hit the air.

Maybe not every angler has had to make the difficult choice between their girl and their favorite pastime, but Nitro found a great way to make it funny!

Sufix Line's 'Lost and Found'

"Sorry honey, that fish is gone!"

VMC HD Flippin' Hooks 'Ike in a Box'

When all else fails, talk to Mike Iaconelli, just make sure to zip him up so he doesn't spook the fish.

Fishhound's 'Hot Girlfriend vs. Your Favorite Lure'

This one is an eye opener to say the least, but when our mind is on fishing, our focus is laser sharp. Sorry ladies.

Why Doritos Are the Best Bait

Mayne not the fish you were targeting, but we all want to put a "beauty" on the wall.

John West Salmon

Sometimes you have to fight more than just the fish.

McDonald's 'When You Really Want To Fish Alone'

McDonald's 'Best Bait Ever'

Labatt Blue Light 'We Were Biting This Morning, We Were Biting This Morning'

When the fish are angry with you, it's time to drop everything and go fishing, Mr. Saturday Work Guy.

Oh Henry! 'Who's Fishing Who?'

Fevi Kwik Super Glue

Rapture Lures

You can't unsee that, but you'll certainly never watch it twice.

New England Sports Network show "On The Hook with David Sloan"

Skeeter Boats 'Boyfriend Bob'

Evinrude E-Tech 'Pretty Fast'

Rapala Lures Montage

Rapala might just have the corner on the funny fishing commercial market since they have come up with so many good ones over the years.

This doesn't include the famous Rapala Prayer, but pretty much all the good ones are right here.

Ugly Stik 'Give Mamma Her Husband Back'

There's more than one good Ugly Stik commercial along the same lines, but you get the point.

Some of these great ads were a part of the amazing brand of Super Bowl adverts from years past, so you can just imagine the amount of money it took to get fishing more recognized in the mainstream. From the TV to your tackle box these fun and friendly fishing commercials have gotten us to go fishing with a smile on our faces before we ever got to the water.

Real life pursuit of big fish may not have quite the same fervor, but never underestimate the ability of fishermen and women to make light of ourselves and our passion.

Looking for a little more or even hot lunch for your hunting blind? Follow my webpage, or on Facebook and YouTube.

Looking for a little more or even hot lunch for your hunting blind? Follow my webpage, or on Facebook and YouTube.