10 Animals Being Adorable, Because Smiling is Always a Good Idea

Animals across the country are making sure our "screen time" spikes with these ten funny and cute animal videos. Some are so precious, they're mind-beagle-ing! (I had to get a pun in here somewhere).

Whoever invented those Roomba robot vacuums must have been thinking about viral videos the minute they finalized the design. Check out the video below with the dog that hates vacuums! It's hilarious and almost reason enough to buy one if you live with a dog that it won't terrify.

These ten videos will bring a smile to your face!

1. Sheep Literally Jump For Joy For Arrival Of Spring


Animals love spring. Just check out these sheep and their excitement! They're literally jumping for joy as they leap into their new field. 

2. Blind Pit Bull Sweetly Cuddles Kitty Best Friend

Petunia the blind pit bull spends some precious time with her best friend Griffin the cat. Cuteness overload! This is the sweetest video that went viral and now you're crying with tears of joy!

3. Aussie Puppy Totally Gives Up On Walk, Throws Temper Tantrum


For this one, turn your volume down a little! The temper tantrum from this little dog is very real.

4. Sleeping With Cats Is Quite The Adventure!

This is hilarious! If you live with animals then I bet this happens to you all the time. I live with dogs and this still happens since two of the three sleep in my bed!

5. Bulldog Puppy Shows Robot Vacuum Who's The Boss


Most dogs hate vacuums and this one is not fond of the new robot vacuum! There is clearly a monster in the house and she's getting rid of it!

6. Dachshund Discovers Water Bottle, Can't Get Enough Of It


Well, most doxies don't like the water bottle! This doxie loves it and cannot get enough! Our guess is that it's new and exciting! Silly pup!

7. Crazy Chihuahua Puppy Attempts To Play With Cat

We love unusual friendships! You must watch the video to find out how this turns out! Hint: the cat enjoys his private time.

8. Dog Excitedly Greets Owner After Every Single Hospital Shift

This dad is greeted with adorable hugs and kisses every single night when he returns home! Clearly the highlight of this dog's day!

9. Very Polite Kitty Gently Taps Owner For Affection


There may not be a cat that is as polite as this one! What's more adorable!

10. Pup Adorably Carries Favorite Pillow Down The Stairs


Watch this dog carry his pillow so carefully! This looks like the scene from a hilarious cartoon and he's so set on getting it down the stairs!

These funny animal videos feature cute dogs and funny cats! We didn't want to alienate any pet lovers out there. Check back again later as we plan to feature more funny videos. Our staff can't decide what pet wins the funniest animal from this list of ten videos!

Which videos are your fave? We love them all! Please leave a comment below. 

This article was originally published April 16, 2019.

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