xbow defuser
Image by Brad Smith

From the ATA 2017, the Xbow Defuser Decocks Your Crossbow Without Firing a Shot

The Xbow Defuser should be an accessory sold with every crossbow going forward. 

Crossbows sure have come a long way in the last several years since most states have now allowed them for deer and other game hunting.

However, one drawback many still face is that when you are done hunting, you have to fire your crossbow in order to uncock it. That is, until now.

The Xbow Defuser uncocks your bow for you safely, easily, and functionally. Honestly, you need this if you hunt with a crossbow.

I walked past this booth several times, not really giving it much attention while attending the ATA event in Indianapolis recently. It wasn't until I saw it in action that I realized how incredibly functional the Xbow Defuser actually is.

Coming from a crossbow hunter like myself, I assumed firing a shot at the end of the hunt is a necessity. Well, this device changes all that.

As you can see in this video, it really is quite simple.

The Defuser is primarily used by dealers when they work on crossbows for customers, but now these crossbow accessories are available to the public. Keep it in your truck for after the hunt or pack it with you to your stand in your backpack. Either way, you won't have to fire your crossbow anymore to de-cock it.

For only $99.99, you'll save yourself from buying de-cocking bolts, shooting an arrow with a field tip, and creating all that noise in the woods just to put your bow away. This thing just makes sense.

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