Adam LaRoche deer

Former MLB Player Adam LaRoche Sticks a Wide-Antlered Buck

Kansas bucks are simply in a league of their own.

If you ever follow the guys at Buck Commander, you're well aware of former Major League Baseball player Adam LaRoche. The Kansas native has done more than his fair share of deer hunting, dropping lots of big bucks on camera.

He does a lot of his hunting on his own property, specifically the E3 Ranch, a cattle ranch in southeastern Kansas, near Fort Scott.

There are certainly some awesome hunting opportunities that come with owning private land in a state that produces high-quality whitetail bucks year after year. However, even someone as experienced in the deer woods as LaRoche can't help but get excited seeing a buck like this.

Watch the video below:

"When something like that steps out, you talk about getting your heart going," LaRoche says in the video. "He looked 30 inches wide when he stuck his head out. He's been around a while."

There was no doubt this buck was a shooter when it stepped out, nor was there any doubt it was going down after LaRoche let his arrow fly.

He also deserves some credit for being as patient as he was. I would've probably been fidgeting around considering a long-range shot with the fear of missing my only chance. Throughout that entire process, though, he stayed calm and collected, waiting for the buck to offer him the perfect shot.

Toward the end of the video, he mentions that he'd seen him in photos before, which makes this harvest that much better. There's nothing better than harvesting a deer you've been tracking all season on trail cameras.

Would you be able to keep your arrow steady if this buck walked out in front of you?

The former MLB player and the rest of the Buckmen—Willie Robertson, Ryan Langerhans, Luke Bryan, Tombo Martin and Jason Aldean—have made quite a name for themselves in the last few years.

We hope to see the videos continue to roll out!