Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Game & Fisheries Committee Approves Sunday Hunting Bill

The fight for Sunday hunting in the Keystone State just took a huge step.

Senate Bill 147, which aims to allow Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania, gained some serious ground Tuesday when the Pennsylvania Senate's Game & Fisheries Committee approved it following an 8-3 vote.

Now on its way to the full Senate, the bill marks a significant moment for the state.

"This is a historic vote, as it takes a major step toward increasing recreational opportunities for the thousands of Pennsylvania sportsmen and women who enjoy hunting," Sen. Dan Laughlin, of Milcreek, R-49th District. "This will remove one of the only two 'blue laws' remaining in the state of Pennsylvania. You can't hunt and you can't buy a car on Sunday in Pennsylvania."

Laughlin, the chairman of the committee and the prime sponsor of the bill, is an avid Pennsylvania hunter. He believes the ban on Sunday hunting plays a big role in the decrease in hunting license sales and is limiting business in Pennsylvania.

"I am very cautiously optimistic—this was a great  win today," Harold Daub, executive director of Hunters United for Sunday Hunting, told The Morning Call. "I've been told the first vote is the hardest one to crack the ice on, so I'm really excited that the vote came through."

What are your thoughts on Sunday hunting?