Ford Smart Jacket

Ford Smart Jacket Debuts, Focusing on Helping Cyclists

Ford Smart Jacket, an innovative wearable tech prototype, will help cyclists stay safe by acting as a mapping system.

Built in collaboration with software company Tome and wearable tech company Lumo, the unnamed Ford smart jacket comprises of built-in LED turn indicators, connected via a smartphone app, which provides navigational guidance using a series of sleeve-integrated, haptic vibrations. They work to indicate left and right turns, which will help to alleviate traffic accidents including cyclists and drivers who have trouble spotting them.

Wearable GPS

Its mapping system is also capable of directing riders through optimized routes, helping riders avoid busy areas and intersections. Even calls and massaging can be received. Every design feature is intended to help users avoid reaching for their smartphones, which may result in accidents.

"There is an immediate change in mindset once there is no longer any need to stop to consult navigation apps directly on your phone - or worry if you're heading into a particularly busy or dangerous road junction," said Tom Thompson, Ford Smart Mobility team lead.

No word if the Ford smart jacket will ever make it to market. However, efforts are underway to patent the application, which could end up being licensed to other tech companies.

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