Ford Ranger Offers New Towing Innovation

The all-new Ford Ranger equips a feature to make traveling with a trailer as easy as ever.

People will soon have the chance to experience this all-new Ford truck in person. It's slated to roll into dealerships in the beginning of 2019.

With it comes a new design and updated technology, and part of this new technology roster is the blind spot information system with trailer coverage.

The blind spot information system works exactly as it sounds. It monitors the truck's blind spot areas and alerts you if it senses a vehicle; this is already found in nearly all Ford models. It helps eliminate the possibility for changing lanes and colliding with another car.

The trailer coverage half is the new aspect of the system.

According to Ford, "The system keeps drivers informed of the presence of a vehicle in the truck's blind spots until that vehicle passes."

Trucks are known to tow heavy equipment, whether it be a boat or tractor, and this new aspect is designed to create peace of mind while traveling with either a small or large haul. The system provides coverage that extends the entire length of the truck and the cargo in tow. So, if a car is next to your haul, you will be notified.

Up to three trailer profiles can be stored in the vehicle's system.

Regardless of what you're hauling, this new add-on to an already-useful feature is sure to provide all truck drivers utter reassurance.

The blind spot information system with trailer coverage comes standard in the Ranger XLT and Lariat top trims.

This is just one intriguing element of the upcoming, three-trim Ford truck. An additional amenity that will be included is Trail Control, which is touted as an off-road cruise control.

Although the Ford Ranger was pulled from showrooms back in 2011, we expect its return to be bigger than ever, especially considering the current high popularity of trucks in the industry. It sits right below the Ford F-150 in the lineup.