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For the First Time Ever, Hickok45 Shoots a .50 BMG

.50 BMG
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Hickok45 has showcased a lot of guns on his YouTube channel but for the first time ever, he’s shooting a .50 BMG.

Hickock45 has built up an impressive following on his YouTube channel with over 134k subscribers. And would you believe that with all the rounds he’s fired and all the videos he has made in all that time, he’s never before shot a .50 BMG for his channel? But, thanks to his son, John, we finally get to see what it looks like for the great Hickok45 to fire off a few rounds from a .50 BMG.

While it’s not exactly the thundering explosions that we sometimes expect to see when a .50 BMG fires off, it’s really cool to get to see the insight and the mindset of someone like Greg, who’s handled more weapons than most of us can only dream of, fire off a few rounds and give his own feedback about this amazing weapon.

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For the First Time Ever, Hickok45 Shoots a .50 BMG