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10-Year-Old Girl Shoots .50 Cal BMG Better Than Grown Men [VIDEO]

.50 Cal BMG

The .50 Cal BMG is a gun that many full-grown men get nervous about shooting; check out how well a 10-year-old girl pulls the trigger.

The .50 Cal BMG is almost a legend within itself. Almost everyone has heard that name, whether sportsman or not, at some point in their life.

The thought of getting to shoot this monster weapon will make some shooters drool, while it makes others’ shoulder hurt just thinking about the recoil.

One 10-year-old girl saw the .50 Cal BMG and just thought it looked like fun. Young Kasey approached her dad, who taught her how to shoot the massive weapon.

As you can see from the video, every safety precaution was taken to make sure that Kasey was able to successfully pull off the shot. And the best part was that she looked overjoyed to be able to experience such an awesome feeling when shooting the .50 Cal BMG.

No matter how many videos we see of young people shooting weapons it is something that will never get old. If you take the time to teach someone how to shoot and instill that passion for shooting in them, you can almost guarantee that, not only will they stay out of trouble as they grow up, but they will be able to defend themselves if trouble should find them.

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10-Year-Old Girl Shoots .50 Cal BMG Better Than Grown Men [VIDEO]