YouTube: Darren Short

Foot Trap Snags Coyote Before He Can Run

This coyote steps in a foothold trap and has no idea what hits him! 

As the old cliche goes, "Curiosity killed the cat." In this case, though, it was not a cat, but a curious coyote making his rounds. This coyote steps in a Victor #3 4-coiled foothold trap, and the next thing he knows, he is clawing to free himself, but to no avail.

Often times, trappers do not get the opportunity to view their traps in action, but this trapper placed a trail camera on the site and got perfect footage of the coyote stepping in a dirt hole set.

Check it out!

As you can see, the mangy coyote works the set and smells around, then, in a matter of seconds, boom! The coyote has no idea what just happened except that he can't escape the grasp of the trap.

Oftentimes, it is good for trappers to identify how predators are acting in order to better place traps or to better bait traps. This example, fortunately, panned out, but sometimes the trapper has nothing to show for it.

Thanks to the trapper, there is now one less fawn killer out there, and possibly one more buck that will grow to maturity.