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Keith Warren’s Air Rifle Drops Hogs Stone Cold

An air rifle drops hogs in cold blood with a hunter’s precise shot.

Television personality, Keith Warren, the host of The High Road, takes to the hot, swamp lands of Texas to hunt hogs at Hogwild Adventures. The ranch which is just north of Houston provides ample opportunity for hogs of all sizes, and Warren’s air rifle drops hogs in their spot.

After much practice and trying to decide which pellet to you use, he finally lands on the GAMO Rocket which he felt was the best choice to take down such a potentially large animal with such a small, yet, extremely accurate caliber bullet.

Warren is using a GAMO Whisper G2 .22 air rifle to kill the hogs by placing a perfect shot between the eyes of the hogs. Take a look!

The first shot is right on target, and Warren drops the hog perfectly. To Warren’s surprise, an additional hog decides to hang around, and without hesitation, he places another Rocket pellet between the eyes of the second hog. The pellet penetrates the brain that is the size of an egg which provides the small bullet the capability of dropping such a large animal.

Warren decides he would not take any shots beyond 25 yards with the rifle, so that he does not risk wounding any of these animals. After patiently waiting, Warren takes the shot and has fresh barbecue for dinner.



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Keith Warren’s Air Rifle Drops Hogs Stone Cold