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Watch These Frisky Ferrets React to a Mini Drone Flying Overhead

Ferrets are mischievous little creatures who love to collect things. They are the domestic version of the European polecat, which is closely related to otters and weasels. They were bred for hunting, or ferreting, so they like to seek things out to collect and hide. Pet ferrets have turned that skill into an art form and just about anything in your household can become a ferret toy. Their inquisitive nature makes them interested in cat toys, small dog toys, your personal belongings, anything shiny—you get the idea. Thanks to social media, anyone can experience the joys of owning a ferret without wondering where our keys have been hidden. TikTok user @FerretDaddy found a toy that can keep the small animals busy for what seems like hours on end. As a pet parent to three ferrets, you can imagine how difficult it must be to find pet toys to keep all of them entertained (and away from their cat sibling). So, he turned to a human toy for his furry ferret friends. The pinnacle of critter entertainment is watching these three little ferrets having the time of their lives with a hand-operated mini drone. Watch this as this flying UFO entertains the ferrets to no end.


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In this trending TikTok video, the three little ferrets chase the drone from one part of the room to the other. The mechanics behind this toy (which is available on Amazon!) make it a perfect pet product. If it detects motion below it, it automatically flies up again, giving way to a chase. Remember: This drone is not exactly a chew toy, so be sure to keep it well out of reach of your pet. That being said, it makes for great supervised entertainment!

Chasing the toy is the perfect exercise for the ferrets as they scramble to reach it. There is no doubt that they're having fun with the flying drone as it zooms around the room. One TikTok user commented, "Gotta tire them out somehow!" There is no truer statement. All pet owners know that a tired pet is a well-behaved pet! I'm sure after all this play, these three will take a nice long nap in their ferret hammock or hideout.

While Ferret Daddy highlights ferret ownership in the most fun way possible, it is important to note that owning a ferret is a big responsibility and there are not legal to own in all states. So if you want one of these little rascals to join your pet family, make sure you do plenty of research first.

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