Some Florida Think Guns Are the Answer for Hurricane Irma, and the Sarcasm is Increasing

Hey Mother Nature, Florida's had enough.

With Hurricane Irma barreling down on Florida, Irma will be staring into some barrels as well.

A Facebook group has been started with suggestions of a unique way to handle Irma. Some Floridians seem to think shooting at Hurricane Irma will weaken, if not completely stop, the storm.

The logic behind this movement is that if enough people in Florida fire at the hurricane with at least a 9mm, the hurricane will be stopped. If you don't live in Florida, you can show your support by firing anything larger than a .30 caliber in a southern direction. Yeah, sure, that sounds valid.

I was unable to find any scientific research or studies to support this claim, but it's on the internet, so it must be true.

I thought (like any normal person) that all of this is just a joke, but it appears now that is not the case. According to TheHill.com, a Florida Sheriff was concerned enough to issue this clarification:

So now that we know we shouldn't actually shoot into the storm, let's try and look on the bright side: the best part of this Facebook event is, without a doubt, the memes. Here are just a few:

Image via Facebook

Sharknado? Nah; Sharkicane. Get your chainsaws ready;

Image via facebook

Finally, It's hurricane season in 'MURICA

Image via Facebook