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The Ultimate Christmas Present is a Flamethrower

What do you get someone that has it all?

Obviously you get them a flamethrower.

See for yourself how fun they look by watching the video below.

So fun with flamer throwers😎😎😎

Posted by Blake Fulton on Sunday, December 10, 2017

YouTuber Blake Fulton just shared the ultimate Christmas present idea with us. That present is the XM42M Flamethrower.

What do you give that guy with a full gun cabinet? Well, a flamethrower is a nice change of pace, and very few people would be unhappy to unwrap one. This range test shows just how awesome these flamethrowers are, too. Can you imagine toasting hornets up in a tree or burning weeds when summer rolls back around? This would also be a great way to melt ice this winter.

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The Ultimate Christmas Present is a Flamethrower