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XM42 Handheld Flame Thrower Anyone? [VIDEO]

The XM42 claims to be the first commercially available handheld flame thrower available.

This flame thrower is set to be on the market soon.

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Uses for a handheld flame thrower are endless in our book.


What a cool tool or "toy" the XM42 handheld flame thrower could be.

Do you have pesky gophers and moles tearing up your yard? Why not turn up the heat on them? Weeds on the sidewalk and driveway? Forget about them, they are toast. Roasting marshmallows would never be any more fun than with a XM42 handheld flame thrower.

How cool this product is, we are not sure how government agencies will feel about it. We are anxious to try one out, though.

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XM42 Handheld Flame Thrower Anyone? [VIDEO]