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Cats Baited with Fish Hooks, Man Arrested After Gruesome Pictures Emerge

How many animal cruelty cases can we cover in a two-week period? We're not sure we can count on one hand the number of cases we're seeing lately and we really hope we don't see anymore!

We covered a hoarding case last week and the week prior someone literally tossed a bag of kittens into a dumpster. We're not sure how many more we can report on without losing our minds.

Here is another man facing animal cruelty charges. This time it's for baiting cats and putting fishing hooks into food to give to stray cats.

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Officers went to this man's home and found out that he dangled the food from his back porch. He was taken to jail after his arraignment. A rescue group found a cat in the area with a hook in its mouth. A volunteer said it was clear that someone was fishing for cats with food, hooks, and fishing line. Thank goodness they found this individual. 

According to Fox6Now.com, humane officers say they first started investigating Rowles last month. They got a call about a cat who had a fish hook in its mouth,

"He was in pretty bad shape, the cat, plus with the string hanging out of his mouth it was pretty severe, so I'm glad justice is going to be served, full faith in that will happen."

Fortunately, the cat is going to be ok.

The man accused will be charged for multiple counts of animal abuse. Thank goodness for the local animal rescue, Happy Hearts & Tails cat rescue that responded to the scene.  The idea that this man was using baited fish hooks is shocking and we're grateful this was reported to the humane officers.  This happened in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania.

What should his punishment be?  Let us know in the comments section below. 

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