Bull Shark
YouTube: Catch Em All Fishing

Fishing for Bull Sharks in a Freshwater River Produces Surprising Results

Catching sharks in freshwater looks like a wild experience!

When it comes to fishing in rivers, most people target the normal species. Things like gar, catfish, carp, or bass. We haven't heard of anyone intentionally going to a freshwater river and targeting bull sharks. That is, until now in the latest video from Zak of Catch Em All Fishing.

We have always heard stories about this shark species venturing into freshwater environments, but it is not often we see proof of it happening.

They don't just catch one shark on this trip, they catch three and in rapid succession. It's one of the wilder fishing videos that we have seen in quite some time.

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The bull shark is one of few species that is reported regularly in freshwater. This species is widely believed to be the actual species responsible for the famous 1916 shark attacks in New Jersey. In that incident two people were attacked and killed in a freshwater creek. For years the attacks were blamed on a great white until scientists realized it was more likely to be a large bull shark.

We have seen plenty of videos of people catching bull sharks, but this one was wilder than most. It is truly bizarre to see someone pulling one of these predators out of muddy brown waters from a swamp jon boat while surrounded by trees and alligators on the shoreline.

We have heard plenty of stories of isolated incidents where anglers caught a bull in freshwater rivers or lakes that connect to the ocean. In this case, it appears the sharks were stacked up on a point in the river. And they were actively feeding alongside your normal river residents like the gar they pulled in at the end of the video.

The lesson here is to use some common sense precautions when wading or swimming in waterways that connect to the ocean. You just never know what's lurking around under the surface!

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