Rob Gronkowski
YouTube: BlacktipH

Tampa Bay Buccaneer Rob Gronkowski Catches a Bull Shark with BlacktipH


Rob Gronkowski muscles in this bull shark like it's nothing.

Few other pro athletes are as popular as Tampa Bay Buccaneer tight end Rob Gronkowski is right now. The last few years, it seems like this guy is everywhere when he isn't lighting up the football field. He is endlessly marketable, and has appeared in movies and TV shows, and even made a cameo run-in at Wrestlemania.

After a one-year retirement, he is set to reunite with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay this year. Being in Florida, we are not surprised to now see him appearing with YouTube saltwater fishing guru Josh Jorgensen, aka: BlacktipH.

Josh has a history of putting celebrities on giant fish and today is no exception. He takes Gronk and a few other members of his family out where they catch some barracuda, goliath grouper and a large bull shark.


"Get more bros on!" We had a good laugh over that line. They do seem like a legitimately fun group to hang around with. Chris handled that goliath grouper better than many of Josh's guests have in the past.

There is something humbling about watching a bunch of current and former pro athletes get seasick like the rest of us on rough seas like this. The Gronkowski family just seems to be filled with endless energy. No wonder they have had so much success in pro sports.

Gronk muscled that bull shark to the boat like a pro. We would have liked to see him tangle with one of the larger groupers, but we are betting this will not be the last time Josh fishes with these guys. Hopefully next time conditions will be a little better and they can boat a few more fish.

Great collaboration Josh, we look forward to seeing what celebrities you put onto a giant fish next!


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