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Fishing Ambassador Robert Field Boats a Bucket-List Alligator Gar from a Kayak

Robert Field of YakFish TV finally sets the hook on an impressive alligator gar in Texas.

The famed Trinity River in the Lone Star State was the backdrop for a bucket-list alligator gar angling adventure. This was shared with me by the venerable Mr. Field and Fishbrain, the world's first fish species recognition App.

The first thing we all do when we see these great angling adventures happen is to ask where were they fishing, and what were they using?

Included is a great video of the catch, the location and yes, what Field was using when he latched into that beast of a gar. Also included is the Fishbrain social fishing network's data on the top five states to boat an alligator gar, the top five baits and the best time of the year to hook into one!


Robert had issues trying to land his first gator gar.

"Finally, I decided to get help," he said. "I met a fellow Fishbrain user Bubba Bedre at a trade show in Orlando. We got to talking, and it turns out he's a world-renowned gar guide on the Trinity River in Texas, the alligator gar capital of the world. Bingo. We worked out the details, and the next thing you know I'm launching my kayak in the Trinity near Palestine to go fishing for dinosaurs. We used common carp for bait, soaked on the bottom in the muddy river."

Fishbrain provided me with some amazing data on this hard-to-get fish, and after its users had logged more than 6,000 gator gar catches, here are the numbers:

alligator gar

Top 5 States to catch an alligator gar are:

1. Texas

2. Louisiana

3. Mississippi

4. Florida

5. Alabama

Top 5 baits used to catch alligator gar are natural baits and in this order:

1. Common carp

2. Gizzard shad

3. Smallmouth buffalo

4. Mullet

5. Tilapia

The best time to catch one is between March and September.

Obviously, hiring a professional and experienced guide is the key, and by simply using the Fishbrain App, anglers can have the knowledge they need right at their fingertips!

We'd like to think Robert Field and the Fishbrain network for sharing this amazing video and the stats to go along with it.

Stay tuned for more bucket-list adventures from some of your favorite angling legends right here!