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Fisherman Falls From Tree During Lure Retrieval

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Sometimes you need to cut your losses and just give the lure to the tree.

Somewhere on the Savannah River near the canal locks in Augusta, an Olympic caliber champion diver was born.

As fisherman we all know the vast angst of locking a fresh, expensive, out of the package fishing lure deep into a tree, but this one must have been an heirloom. This is not the way to retrieve a lure, and we don't recommend doing it.

The reaction generally starts at the release of the cast, knowing full well that you've launched that precious bait in a seriously unwanted direction, scrambling back hard on the reel, if it's even possible, to reverse its course and save the day. 

But you would have better luck towing a train with your bicycle.

With the lure lost in the jungle of the treetop, there are only a few options left: a lure retriever, a telescopic limb saw, or climbing. This fellow chose the only one left to him and started to scale the tree. Luckily someone shared the film with the rest of us.

Don't try this at your local fishing hole.

Old Row Outdoors IG_tannereicher_DMVideo

"My buddy pulled his camera out yesterday on the Savannah River when this dude got his lure stuck in a tree." @tannereicher

Posted by Old Row Outdoors on Thursday, May 21, 2020

Well, that was fun and educational. Knowing that your lure is so far up in a tree, and even out of sight, should you actually climb the tree, going so far as to end up out on a weak, swaying limb to retrieve it?

The answer should be a resounding no, but we've all done something like it at one time or another. This fellow was pretty lucky considering that the water broke his fall. Should he have been over the shore, that fall could have been quite dangerous, even deadly.

The bottom line is that we all have chucked a lure into a tree, bush, or somewhere else on shore that has it hooked up solid, and we want it back! We just ask that you seriously consider the consequences of such an action before you try it.

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Fisherman Falls From Tree During Lure Retrieval