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Introducing First Lite Specter, the New Camo Pattern for Whitetail

The newest camouflage pattern from First Lite is Specter, a whitetail-oriented, field tested piece of equipment that'll add a lot to your hunt.

In late 2020 First Lite announced their newest camo pattern named Specter, and initial reactions are setting this up to be a whitetail hunter's favorite go-to style.

The Ketchum, Idaho-based company, owned by Steven Rinella's MeatEater brand, said the pattern will be available on most of their gear by Spring 2021.

The new Specter pattern uses the same nature-based algorithm that First Lite put to work in Fusion and Cipher, their first camo pattern offerings, which creates large-shape disruption for whitetail hunters. That, combined with other technological advancements in the camouflage game, has made Specter a serious contender for best new camo for the whitetail woods.

Gregg Farrell, First Lite's Whitetail Product Line Manager and the man behind the development of Specter, has risen to the forefront of whitetail gear and pattern development. With this new introduction, he's continuing the success First Lite has seen across the North American hunting landscape.

Science Behind the First Lite Specter Camouflage Pattern

The large shape disruption distorts your body shape, which is the number one thing that stands out in deer habitat, and often the first thing deer eyes pick up on.

The experts at First Lite know there are large portions of both light and dark colors found in the tree canopy. It's these regions of dark and light that help hide the human figure at long distances and angles specific to a deer hunter sitting in a treestand.

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First Lite also created a scattering of smaller-sized elements to blend the hunter's figure into their surroundings at close ranges.

In a sense, they've covered the range of perspective by applying the proper shapes and sizes to the makeup of Specter.

Along with that, Specter uses a uniquely tuned selection of colors to blend into typical hunting surroundings. First Lite says "The pattern utilizes selective colors derived from whitetail regions: trees, leaves, limbs, and sky tones were all measured to create Specter's seven median colors. Doing so also prevents 'blobbing' through controlled contrast, making Specter highly effective across varying distances, elevations, and focus points."

Ultimately, First Lite has ensured that Specter was designed to be effective in a wide range of environments and seasonal times, meaning that Specter apparel can transition between different locations and early or late season whitetail hunting extremely well. That versatility is a major sticking point for many outdoor companies these days, and First Lite is accomplishing it wholeheartedly.

Among the early testers on the First Lite team was Mark Kenyon, founder of the Wired to Hunt podcast and MeatEater's Back 40 web series, had this to say: "I've been using Specter this fall and have been stoked with the performance so far. I've been surrounded by deer at close ranges and long and have yet to be picked off. This is sure to be my go-to pattern for elevated whitetail hunts for years to come."

First Lite and Mathews Archery teamed up to offer the pattern on the new V3 hunting bow, representing the first of what's sure to be many collaborations and available crossover gear splashed with Specter.

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